The GDCA Hall of Fame recognises players, umpires and officials who have made significant contributions to the association since its inception in 1919/20. Nominated persons will need to meet certain criteria and a panel formed to select those worthy of being inductees. The selection panel will consist of three current Board of Management members and any other persons the Board believes may assist in assessing the nominees. 


Clubs or GDCA Board members shall provide the panel with a list of nominees based on the following criteria:-

  • For the initial intake, clubs/board members may only nominate one person for each decade between 1919/20 and 1999/2000.
  • If a player, the nominee must have:-
    1. Retired from the game for a minimum of twelve months; and
    2. Played in the top grade of competition (A Grade/McIntyre Cup); and
    3. Represented the association at senior country weeks and/or regional competitions for a minimum of five seasons.
  • If an administrator, the nominee must have also served in some capacity on the GDCA committee/board of management for a minimum of ten seasons.
  • Umpires may also be nominated but must have a minimum of 15 years service to this association.
  • In addition to a nominee's individual achievements, that person's integrity, sportsmanship and character will also be considered.


The selection panel shall also elevate those inductees who they believe have given outstanding service to the association in a playing or administrative capacity to the category of Hall of Fame Legend. A limit of five Legends will be inducted initially and then one Legend may be inducted per season from the list of Hall of Fame members in the years following.


Clubs or GDCA Board members may re-nominate those people who failed to be inducted into the first intake and any other people (maximum of one nomination per season) for the years following.


Inductees will be recognised at the Annual Presentation Night or a ceremony organised for that purpose.



Decade  Name  Club  Category Year Inducted 
 1920's     John Beattie                     Gisborne                          Administrator                              2020
  Rupert Brown  Romsey Player        2020
  Stan Brocchi  Gisborne Administrator        2020
 1930's Harry M. White Romsey Administrator        2020
 1940's Brian Fitzgerald Gisborne Administrator        2020 
 1950's Les Kays Gisborne Administrator        2020
  Cliff Shaw Romsey  Player        2020
  John Forbes Sunbury Player        2020
 1960's Tom Sankey Gisborne Player        2020
  Miles Johnstone * Lancefield & Bulla Village     Player        2020
  John Clifford Macedon Player        2020
  Doug McIntyre * Romsey Player, Umpire & Administrator         2020
  Kevin Sullivan * Woodend Player & Administrator        2020
 1970's Bill West Lancefield Player        2020
  Owen Rose Macedon Administrator        2020
  Peter Osborne Riddell Player        2020
  Tom Reynolds Romsey Player        2020
  Bill Morrison Sunbury Player        2020
  Alan Williams Woodend Player        2020
 1980's Grant Myers Bacchus Marsh Player        2020
  Brian Mundy Gisborne Player        2020
  Ron Mau Lancefield Player        2020
  Kinnear Beatson Macedon & Riddell Player        2020
  Gerrard Nolan Riddell Player        2020
  Rob McIntyre Romsey & Riddell Player & Administrator        2020
  Peter Cleve Wallan Player        2020
  Mick Barker Woodend Player        2020
 1990's Sean Huddle Bacchus Marsh Player        2020
  Gary Sanders * Gisborne & Woodend Player        2020
  Mick Graham Lancefield & Riddell Player        2020
  Alan Stevenson Macedon Player        2020
  Rob Thomas Riddell Player        2020 
  Geoff Pitts Romsey & Lancefield Player        2020
  Mick Jensen Sunbury & Sunbury United Administrator        2020
  Brian Smith Wallan Umpire        2020
  Jack Code Woodend Administrator        2020

                  * Denotes LEGEND